To provide an idea of price would be to know the actual requirement you have, so is impossible to deliver a price on this site. We do not specialize in large or small accounts, preferring instead to diversify ourselves into many different areas and business types. You are not too big or too small to deal with VRB.

Our clients often ask for websites which are to perform very different tasks. Some are promotional, some are stock-orientated and some are geared toward client contact and service. Of course, a site can do all of these and more. The thing that we must stress is that the website MUST HAVE AN OBJECTIVE to fit in with your strategic plan.

It costs nothing to contact us and in a short time, we will gain an idea of what you want and give you a basic quotation based upon that information. Obviously, as the process gets more detailed, we will be able to refine our pricing and offer various plans.

We have designed dozens of data systems and can often integrate previously written code or software into a new project seamlessly. This assists in time-frames and pricing, having much of the “data” system already built and awaiting your customization.

Remember, you can always start small and keep adding to your site depending on usage and success. We are fully flexible to suit your needs. Some of our most successful sites started as a few pages, but adapted to the needs of the business and grew with it accordingly.


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