Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

We maintain websites we build, often as a part of the initial contract. We have several ways to do this either as annual or monthly fixed-cost projects or hourly fees based on frequency and complexity.

All our projects make these fees available up-front and maintenance estimates are given so clients can properly estimate additional or ongoing expenses.

Maintenance of Existing Sites

Occasionally, usually through referrals, we are asked to maintain websites not designed by us. We provide the same level of care and attention to whatever project we undertake, with the caveat that we may not be able to manage your site.

We will only take on sites that are developed within the knowledge base of our team, meaning we need to know the system or platform before we start. A thorough examination of the site is also required to ensure we don’t take on especially archaic or complex systems we may have to then move away from.

This is not a promoted service by VRB but one which we are happy to discuss with you. At the outside and even if we are unable to supply maintenance, we may know providers who can or we are often able to show you options.


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