Project Management / Procurement

Project management is a large part of our service and actually, the front-line customer experience we offer. Basically, put, you’ll almost never talk to a tech, but with the person running the project who in-turn, talks to the techs.

Project management often begins with the requirements or needs and follows through to the long-term maintenance of a completed project. However, sometimes we are required to manage only a part of a project or a specific element.

Project management ensures all these elements of a full-service installation (or the parts we are doing for you) get done, on-time and on-budget.

  • Consultation to establish all goals
  • Proposal with costs for meeting and exceeding all goals
  • Application of applicable tech/coding for server and developer selection
  • Design proofing to meet all proposal requirements
  • “Locking” of design and strategic/operational elements of the site
  • Copywriting/editing (making sure what you are saying properly fits the Internet best practice models)
  • Social / SEO (Search Engine Marketing) elements.
  • Coding/building (turning graphics into a working site)
  • Review
  • Installation and launch
  • Monitoring and short-term revisions
  • Long-term monitoring and maintenance.

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