Some businesses have chat boxes that contact the business on SMS. These are no more effective than email or a phone number as they require immediate human intervention, meaning 24/7 monitoring. This applies to social chat boxes too. What if these could be “attended” 24/7?

Sometimes, a user wants to find information on your website (what time do you open on Thursdays) or to learn about a service (what is rhodium plating) and does not want to “navigate”. How about just asking the site a question, and getting a quick, relevant, accurate reply?

For this type of instantaneous customer service, new AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology works wonders, assuming the AI is taught the right information.

Our AI chatbot lives at the bottom right of your website, and can learn your entire website content. You can add extra “articles “knowledge” like blogs, PDF’s, doc’s, policies, and any digital information to the chatbot (don’t worry, we do it all for you). This means your chatbot can know all your information and help a user immediately.

This AI chatbot can interact with your website users, and answer questions 24/7/365. At any time, the user can request to contact you directly. This saves you time in calls for common information, provides immediate and useful information to your user/client, and delivers cutting-edge tech on your site.

We have standard chatbots “ready to go” for your website, but we can also build custom bots that can do various tasks from training new staff to educating people to sales recommendations and a lot more!

Interested? Contact us and we’ll build one for you and let you test it. We know we’re not wasting our time because when you see it, you’ll love it.

Interested? Contact us and we’ll show you some working examples!

*Prices correct at time of publishing but may change without notice. Prices in USD. 10% discount if you take the option of annual billing to reflect reduced admin costs. We always pass on savings to you.


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