Content Management Program For RJO

If your site is not regularly updated, if you don’t have the time, people or if you just don’t remember – we can do this for you.

This is not only good for Google rankings etc., but to show the users of your site (your customers) that it is up to date, that you are on the ball and keep your business promotions current.

Someone coming to your site in December may be expecting a Christmas theme – in May they expect to see Mother’s Day – etc.. Updating is important, can actually SELL PRODUCT and we think it often gets missed – so we want to help.

We have offerings from simple to comprehensive and, obviously, we can customize anything you need – so these are examples of how you can get started.

These options are for the graphics, techs to install, and the management of the process. Like everything we do – you call the shots as to what you need and only pay for what you actually get (not some monthly contract you don’t really see value in).

1. Seasonal Update POA.  Basic updating, so you don’t need to. Zero time needed from you – completely managed.

  • New Homepage Banner (first thing people see) automatically installed and taken down after the applicable date for:
    • Valentines (Up 1 February / Down 15th February – or to your dates)
    • Mother’s Day (UP 1st May / Down day after Mother’s Day – or to your dates)
    • Christmas (UP 1st December / Down 31st December – or to your dates)

2. Bi-Monthly Update POA. Custom updating you can’t forget or miss.

  • Same as seasonal updates (above) with the addition of:
  • Every two months, we contact you to create a new promotion, talking point, or event we can update your site with the following month. Comes with the main banner and article/post to explain the details. Posted first working day of the month. You choose the subject – we do everything else. It can be integrated with your other advertising/media too.

3. Monthly Update POA. An always updated website, regardless.

  • Same as 2 above, but more often, every month – more content, more promos, a more current site

All plans come with a basic security sweep of your files, plug-ins, and logs.

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