Web Applications & Systems

A “web application” is a web-based productivity system. In other words, it is a website that performs functions like stock/inventory management, customer and/or order management, communication (internal or external) or any other function a business may need. It may be linked to a traditional “front-end” (customer) site or not. Web apps run in the browser and are essentially web-based software programs.

Custom ordering system for jewelry manufacturer

Custom B2B ordering (non e-com) system for managing online memo-type orders and providing custom catalogue features for browsing & favouriting.

Whilst many businesses use pre-built systems (like WordPress CRM, POS systems etc.), these do not always allow for the exact functions required. Simply put, sometimes you do have to re-invent the wheel. 

We design, install and manage custom systems for businesses who can not find a pre-existing (cookie-cutter) solution to their needs. This happens more than you may think.


A provider of used goods bought a consignment of 4,500 items. They were provided with basic spreadsheets on these items. This data was not sufficient to sell or display the items online or populate a traditional inventory control system.

VRB designed a system to use and administer the data provided in such a way as to allow linking the items on their existing website as well as providing functions like tracking for items, sales and sales process metrics – all in one system. The admin system design was specifically for phones and tablets to allow mobile inventory ID and logging.

Custom online inventory manager from third-party data and using mobile format for multi-location admin. Synchronized to website for real-time sales offers.

There are many times when exactly what you need is not available or ties you to a provider in a way that can be extremely difficult to exit. VRB specializes in providing you the exact function you need whilst keeping the data ownership and resource control with YOUR company.


A jewellery store wanted to run a highly specialized auction on items directly tied to their existing POS (point of sale and inventory system). VRB was able to connect the POS, provide a highly customized design as well as build a real-time auction system to the exact specs. the client needed. This solution was simply not available in any pre-existing form and had to be custom built.

A fraction of a screen which manages bid logic, synchronizes with a third-party POS and administers CMS for a website. Complex requirements require custom solutions.